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Project idea: a fediverse platform for sharing gpx tracks - would be ideal for runners or other sports people that don't want to create 50 accounts on various centralised websites with closed off gpx data pools that often don't allow full direct access to the data and only provide very limited UX.

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Taking the bus for the first time since # hit. Recommendation in # recently became to wear # in public transportation. Current fraction of people wearing mask in bus?: 1/N

Why people, why?!


Anyone # # distances with small # in these # times?

We are trying to consider all the options of getting through Germany North to South with minimal Corona exposure risk to see the family.

Avoiding motorway restaurants? Driving with camper or car? Staying in hotels? Renting guest houses?

What already felt challenging before, has been rendered a daunting task by Corona...

Any tips highly appreciated.
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the number of dead dear houseplants in my household is depressingly enriched after vs. before #. 🙁

RIP avocado plants.

I'll wait with planting anything new until this craziness levels out again.

@Christian Wiwie Feel you. Had some very stressful work days with my 3 kids in my 2 room apartment ?

Luckily now school has started again in Finland.
Here in Denmark as well, but daycare mom's can handle the situation very differently and we didn't agree with how ours wanted to. So we decided to keep him home for now. Extra tough on us right now, but worth it if it keeps the child's psyche happy. My job allows it luckily.
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since # I drastically reduced my outdoor runs and started doing pushups at home. but this doesn't feel anywhere near as rewarding. how is everyone else holding up with regards to doing #? are there fun things one can do at home without too much equipment?

Yea 🙁 our secretary has that sign standing all year long. She obviously wasn't ready to pack the sign completely away, but rather went for this temporary modification.


all # kindergardens, schools, and universities are closed for two weeks to fight #. The private sector is encouraged that as many employees work from home as possible. Childcare will be reduced to a minimum. Drastic measures, but let's hope it helps # .