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Project idea: a fediverse platform for sharing gpx tracks - would be ideal for runners or other sports people that don't want to create 50 accounts on various centralised websites with closed off gpx data pools that often don't allow full direct access to the data and only provide very limited UX.

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Am usually not the biggest fan of being corrected, but if it's by my own kid it's plain awesome!

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Any other # here that got hopelessly # and frustrated by the fact that they needed to divide themselves/their attention/energy/time up between their kids? It's really challenging for me right now with #2, and it's definitely not a "basically more of the same" as I had thought before the birth...

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I'm glad if my comment has helped you a little. I wish you all a good time together - where everyone has his place and where it is possible to develop understanding for each other without anyone having a bad conscience or feeling