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Project idea: a fediverse platform for sharing gpx tracks - would be ideal for runners or other sports people that don't want to create 50 accounts on various centralised websites with closed off gpx data pools that often don't allow full direct access to the data and only provide very limited UX.

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My new running shoe with stability - Asics Gel Kayano 25

Today I had it confirmed yet again that I am a heavy #pronator (not to be confused with donator), i.e. my angle "breaks in" towards the inside when putting the foot on the ground while #running.

Upon recommendation, I bought an #Asics Gel Kayano 25 shoe with stability.

Went on my first test run earlier, and it really feels like a huge difference to my previous shoe. My whole movement feels more stable, less "sluggish", but it seems my body mechanics have to adapt to the change. For starters, I felt slightly uncomfy on the insides of my lower legs and for a short while also in my lower back. Anyone can confirm that this is normal?
thanks @Christian Wiwie for sharing your experience ?

It's been long ago since I wore some kind of "stability shoe", but I remember that feeling been usual because, as you've mentioned, your body has to adapt to this new (reduced now) range of motion.

Hope this works well for you and can enjoy your running in a healthier mode.
BTW (a big by the way ? ) , rather than losing time, energy and maybe getting some sore in the process ADAPTING TO your new shoes, it may be worth the effort trying to use your body the way it was "design" to. ADAPT TO BE YOU. Pronation is normal in most people when running, it's how we move, it's natural. The problem comes when we try to run longer (or faster) than we are fit enough to do so and control that pronation range, then problems come.

Being stronger, working on YOUR stability, hip, core, quads,... will (sure) give you long term adaptations and will allow you to run smoothly for decades.

Sure I respect you and your personal choices and I just trying to give you information for better decision making.

Some links to start using your body not just for running but for your life

# # # # are some tags you may explore (I dont recomend you to run barefoot from day one, it's a journey you can embrace or NOT, but just start trying to understand the basics and the apply to let thumbs spread, your feet and legs being like springs.
I stumble at your post on # because tags discovery "aspects". Sorry if this wasn't the answer you were expecting to get, I'm trying not patronising here


planning on replacing my worn off brooks ghost 5 (highly satisfied for >5y) with some new running shoes suited for overpronation.

any recommendations?

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