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the number of dead dear houseplants in my household is depressingly enriched after vs. before #. 🙁

RIP avocado plants.

I'll wait with planting anything new until this craziness levels out again.


Stolen from private share.

Twitter: Brian Pempus on Twitter (Brian Pempus)

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Knie mich gerade hin runter zum # um meinem Sohn zu erklären, dass vierblättrige Kleeblätter super selten sind und ZACK, Vorführeffekt, # ist unglaubwürdig 😁

@Christian Wiwie Feel you. Had some very stressful work days with my 3 kids in my 2 room apartment ?

Luckily now school has started again in Finland.
Here in Denmark as well, but daycare mom's can handle the situation very differently and we didn't agree with how ours wanted to. So we decided to keep him home for now. Extra tough on us right now, but worth it if it keeps the child's psyche happy. My job allows it luckily.
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Software Framework for CO2 Footprint

I feel everyone should contribute to finding solutions to the climate crisis in the way that optimally uses their abilities. Honestly, I often think that I should go out and demonstrate on the streets as well. But somehow I feel, that this is not the best way for me to contribute to the solution. As educated computer scientist I believe, that the best way for me has to be through making software.

Writing software that enables people to help themselves and thereby everyone else on this planet and the planet itself is my dream. I am a person, that believes in the good of the people more than into restraint and punishment. But I also believe, that people, nay all organisms are notouriously lazy as they have to manage the energy they have available in the optimal way in order to survive.

So in a way I sincerely believe that the problem is not that (most) humans don't want to safe this planet, but that they are just lazy, caught up in their everyday, and slow in adapting to the changing system. I see this in my own everyday life every single day: The descrepancy between what I would like to do to protect the environment, and what I actually do is too large most of the days.

Recently though, I started working on a software project in my freetime that should help me and hopefully also others to track emission footprints through daily routines. The project idea is broad, and I have yet only started working on a single aspect of it: A website with database backend that would allow to collect and curate emission data for various products and actions and connect this data with daily routines of the user to calculate an approximate carbon footprint. Not only that, but it should also provide the user with tools to investigate and understand the main sources of their emissions. Ideally, even make AI supported suggestions on how to improve upon them.

The core website should provide a RESTful API that can connect with mobile clients, allowing users to easily navigate their data and quickly enter data of the current day. Repetitive daily routines should be easily put into the system, without much hassle, as this makes up a large proportion of many of our activities. Typical examples could be: Commuting 25km to work daily, taking the car to do the groceries 5km away, ordering from that favorite pizza delivery place, heating those buns in the oven (model manufactured in 1998), or playing PS3 4hours a day.

The plan is to initially make a comparably simple prototype of the web app that is easy to try out in everyday life to see whether the core use-case is translatable as intended to software. For this I'd use a probably quite limited framework that allows for quick prototyping and iterating. This is to identify all my use cases important to be covered.

This probably means that the framework used in the beginning may be switched out for something more sophisticated later if the initial implementation looks promising.

I'll keep posting updates on my progress here.


Darum ist es so gefährlich, dass Leute wegen Wahnvorstellungen auf die Straße gehen.

„Scheiß-Angst“: Corona-Patient lag mit Wahnvorstellungen tagelang im Koma - deutliche Worte an Demonstranten

Jost Schlegtendal hat die Corona-Infektion überstanden. 28 harte Tage im Krankenhaus liegen hinter ihm. Jetzt erzählt der Rechtsanwalt darüber.

Der Rechtsanwalt Jost Schlegtendal ist Anfang März an Covid-19 erkrankt. Der Verlauf seiner Coronavirus-Infektion war so schlimm, dass er beatmet werden musste. Jetzt ist er wieder gesund und will seine Mitmenschen aufklären.


And confirmed yet again: a first and initially good impression of a person based on superficial friendly appearance, is too often inverted by unacceptable character traits revealing themselves only later upon closer examination.

Though my psyche still seems to fall for such personalities too easily without critical thinking even after having had that realisation many times.


# # #
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Sometimes I am tempted by the conclusion that those that seem nicest have the most skeletons in the closet.



Nachdem wir hier in einem ländlicheren, stark landwirtschaftlich genutzten Vorstadtgebiet auf Jütland im Winter fast nur Krähen und Elstern zu Besuch hatten, sehe ich in letzter Zeit erfreulicherweise auch einige kleinere Vögel, zB. Bachstelzen.



Project idea: a fediverse platform for sharing gpx tracks - would be ideal for runners or other sports people that don't want to create 50 accounts on various centralised websites with closed off gpx data pools that often don't allow full direct access to the data and only provide very limited UX.

# # # # #



Number of times I knocked over my coffee mug this year: 4
Number of times there was no lid on it: 2
Number of items soiled: > 15
Number of m² covered: ~1

# #


Me: Don't touch that, it may be infected!
Son: *touches*
Me: *sighs*

- How the human race will die out


In these uncertain times, where suddenly all child institutions can be closed or the economical situation of any employer can drastically change within short time, living close to # reenters the top priorities when deciding for a place to live.

# #



Gut und prägnant zusammengefasst, danke!

Es geht viel schneller, als viele für möglich halten.

# #
[attachment type='link' url='' title='In 15 einfachen Schritten zur Vernichtung ' image='']Faschismus und all seine Vorlaufstadien funktionieren über die Verwendung einer gewissen Sprache.[/attachment]


Loosly translated:

Companies don't die.
Economy doesn't die.
People die.

Unternehmen sterben nicht!
Wirtschaft stirbt nicht!
Menschen sterben!



how # kills.

"smack this video into the face of everyone who still doesn't take it seriously or considers it media hype"


since # I drastically reduced my outdoor runs and started doing pushups at home. but this doesn't feel anywhere near as rewarding. how is everyone else holding up with regards to doing #? are there fun things one can do at home without too much equipment?

Yea 🙁 our secretary has that sign standing all year long. She obviously wasn't ready to pack the sign completely away, but rather went for this temporary modification.


is there some solid # applicable to # projects about the degree of # between estimated and actual # date? sometimes it feels like it must be factor 2. at least.
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feeling bad about feeling drained is the mother of all vicious cycles.

# # # #
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how i sometimes realize how many great # I was only able to make because of an open-to-moving-around lifestyle, but how many great friendships it has also cost me.

this happens especially on days where I become aware of the fact that I'm much more the low turnover, high quality, high longetivity character than the opposite which work life pressured me into.

# # #


all # kindergardens, schools, and universities are closed for two weeks to fight #. The private sector is encouraged that as many employees work from home as possible. Childcare will be reduced to a minimum. Drastic measures, but let's hope it helps # .


@Friendica Support Is it possible to get the list of servers one of my posts has been transferred to? or is the icon next to the post with the "X/Y servers transferred" hint the only info that is available?
Ok. It also sounds really slow to do a pattern match against each entry of the table. If I'm getting you right.

It would of course require a significant amount of memory to keep track of this delivery info in a normalized and more extensive way, possibly in some extra tables, such that one could easily retrieve the info which post had been delivered to which server, but could this be achieved with an add-on with friendicas current hook architecture?
Absolutely, although we may have to create said hook.


Hey @Jason Robinson ?? , I can see in your gitlab that there is development going on around socialhome. What are your future plans for the project, do you have a general roadmap with planned features? #


# ist auch ne extrem coole Serie! Weiß allerdings nicht wie genau sich die Macher an die wahren Begebenheiten gehalten haben. Die Serie wirkt auf jeden Fall sehr realistisch auf mich.

Fernsehserie "Chernobyl" treibt den Atomtourismus in Litauen und der Ukraine an


Immer mehr Touristen besuchen das Sperrgebiet um den Unglücksreaktor in der Ukraine. Doch auch Litauen erlebt einen Zulauf an Besuchern.


Anyone here who got their # and/or # to communicate via the # instead of Facebook and co.? And if yes, how is it working out? Is it different, better, or worse for them?


nice side effect!

2020-03-04 11:05:44
Planting coffee in agroforestry systems promotes peace in regions formerly controlled by narco cartels ?
[attachment type='link' url='' title='Your trees in Colombia' image='']Cauca and Tolima were key areas during the armed conflict between the Colombian government and the paramilitary and narco cartels known as FARC. After the peace agreement, these areas are undergoing a major transition.[/attachment]


Durchaus interessante Einblicke in # ...

Was Emotet anrichtet – und welche Lehren die Opfer daraus ziehen


Im niedersächsischen Neustadt schlug der Trojaner Emotet mit voller Wucht zu. Nun spricht die Stadtverwaltung offen über das Desaster – damit andere lernen.
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Hatte beim Spielen mit meinem Sohn die irre Idee vom #.

"Daraus müsste man nen Wettbewerb machen!"

"Moment, erstmal googlen" -> ??‍♂️